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A beautiful contrast picture, Levi. I prefer to see them together, but this pre-relationship flashback beautifully brings out their dif...

53 deviants said Jena 'Laera' Cross (Edge of the Empire)
47 deviants said Kaiya Adannon (Force & Destiny)
42 deviants said Aika Ulnar (Age of Rebellion)


I don't really know what to say?  Too young, too soon.

I was 13 in 1983 when I saw 'Return of the Jedi' and I realised I could feel for women the way I felt about guys.

That smile, that look, is forever now:

I guess there's very few people in this world who absolutely define the fantasies of a generation.  Hedy Lamarr and Bettie Page did for their time.  For my generation, Carrie did.

So thanks for that, Carrie, and everything else.

Rest in peace.

What a horrible year. :(
Dip Me In Maraffa And Throw Me To The Lesbians
This is another one that was taken down and I thought deserved to be back up, courtesy of :iconautumn-sacura:, who led me here to DA in the first place so many years ago!

('Maraffa', incidentally, is a sticky, sweet substance made of tree sap that is used like honey in the SW universe.)  

Let me also add this is just for fun; it's decidedly not canon for the MarcyVerse, as neither Jo/Cynn nor Aley/Llis play around with others.  Think of it as a fantasy of Kimmy/Laera if they could get involved in the other couples :)

Clockwise from bottom left; Red/Reya (they're canon), Aleyna/Tallisibeth/Laera (the latter in her dreams), Kimber/Cynn/Jo (they both know Kimmy and like her though). 

“I'd like to direct your attention
To something that needs directing to…
A lot of people talk about dining in and eating out
I guess that's what this song's about…!
I know this is not a dining room conversation
And you don't have to listen if you don't have the time
But let me remind you in case you don't already know;
Dining out can happen… down below…!

Everybody's talking 'bout
Wanting that and needing this…
I'd just like to know if you want to learn a different way to of kiss…!
So won't you go down… where it's warm inside
Go down… where I cannot hide
Go down… where all life begins
Go down… that's where my love is…

Now what could be better than a home cooked meal?
How you want to eat it depends on how you feel
You can eat all you want and you don't get fat
Now where else can you go for a meal like that?”

 Madonna Ciccone; ‘Where Life Begins’

Laera x Kimmy: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Looks like some over-zealous Mod had a happy Xmas deleting a bunch of my stuff... The Killjoys spirit is alive and well, huh?  Oh well, some of them were pretty flagrant violations of DA's ludicrously draconian policy, so I'm not gonna bitch about it. 
(But hey, that one of women having sex with giant maggots is still up, right, so it's fine if you're a buddy of the Mods!)

Anyway, most of them weren't worth putting back up again, but this one was quite a bit of fun, so I figured I'd resurrect it in all its censored glory.  If for some reason you didn't get the original, note me.

It's Laera (40-something, fake boobs) and Kimmy (20, perfect ass) by :iconradprofile: of course.

“O, angel sent from up above

You know you make my world light up

When I was down, when I was hurt

You came to lift me up…

Life is a drink and love's a drug

Oh, now I think I must be miles up

When I was a river dried up

You came to rain a flood…!

And said ‘drink from me, drink from me’

When I was so thirsty

Pour on a symphony

Now I just can't get enough…!

Put your wings on me, wings on me

When I was so heavy

Soaring on symphony

When I'm low, low, low, low…

O, angel sent from up above

I feel it coursing through my blood

Life is a drink and your love's about

To make the stars come out…!


Got me feeling drunk and high!

So high, so high


Now I’m feeling drunk and high

So high, so high…!



And we shoot across the sky…!”

Coldplay & Beyonce, ‘Hymn For The Weekend’

The brilliant light of Corellia’s twin suns glittered on the gilted sands, upon the azure waters of the Gold Coast.  The two women at play were alone, here in this private island escape, but that scarcely mattered to them now – they would have disported openly even with a crowd of gaping-mouthed onlookers.

Kimber Skylow read the label on the heavy glass bottle as she handed it to her lover. Her sweet voice slurred slightly,  tipsy from the liquor, light-headed from the spice.

"Rywen’s Special Reserve Corellian Whiskey…!” she giggled.  Batch Number NN182… with its distinctive amber hue and crisp, woody taste…!”

“Whyren’s Reserve, Kimmy,” Laera chuckled. 

Kimber blinked drunkenly at the label.

“Um…! No, it definitely says ‘Rywen’s’… In fact, I think I can see it twice…!”

“Oh shit,” Laera exclaimed, the profanity sounded amusing in her cut-glass Alderaani accent.  “I paid top credits for a cheap knock-off that fell off the back of a speeder…!”

“Does it matter?” Kimber chuckled.

“When you’re licking it off my sunkissed body?” the archaeologist laughed. 

“No, it won’t matter…!” her sidekick agreed. She watched, fascinated, as Laera took the bottle, and poured the contents down her front. The thick, viscous liquid oozed over her jutting, full breasts, firm and heavy after the attentions of a surgeon’s laser scalpel. It ran in rivulets down her flat belly (that much due to the efforts of her punishing fitness regime) and across the ‘X-Inc’ emblem that framed her navel and the little gilt-tipped jewel she wore there.

“Well, get to work,” Laera pouted.  “These tits aren’t going to lick themselves…!”

The liquor dripped down onto her crotch and down to her pussy – Kimber ran her tongue across her beloved's skin, enjoying the sweet tang of the sticky liquid.  She wouldn’t know the real thing from the fake, she mused, and it tasted just as good on Jen’s warm skin.  She slipped a small finger against her lover’s pussy lips, tracing the line of her labia.  Laera laughed, sticking out her tongue to the brilliant sunshine, the light reflecting on her pierced stud.

She threw back her head, closing her eyes, and enjoyed Kimmy’s ardent attentions.  Somewhere above her, raged the Galactic Civil War – an insane, galaxy-spanning waltz of mass destruction, waged enthusiastically by the great factions.  A pissing contest that nobody ever wins, she mused.  Willy-waving and dick-measuring of the worst kind.   Billions slaughtered because someone like Aika Ulnar wants to prove she has a bigger cock than the Jedi.   

But it all seemed so far away today.  It was happening somewhere else, to somebody else.  For now, she felt drunk and happy and high. Kimber’s clever tongue against her flesh felt blissful, a promise of what was to come.  Just a few more days, she promised herself - long lazy days of booze and drugs and sex and sun and swimming and pissing on the sand in Paradise.  And then, back out there – the Outer Rim beckoned; unexplored planets lost to history, ancient tombs with priceless treasures, harsh wilderness filled with ferocious predators, driving desert winds and freezing blizzards.  All for your viewing pleasure, and a monthly subscription fee.  This was the life, she decided. For once, she was doing exactly what she wanted, with those she wanted to do it with.

By the time night fell, she made a fire and they lay on their camp blanlets, naked in each other’s arms and looking up at the stars.  When they were in danger of coming down or sobering up, there was always more liquor and more spice.  When they had pushed their bodies beyond fatigue in a frenzy of licking and fucking, they lay exhausted, pondering the infinite.

“Jen..?” Kimber asked softly, playing with her long auburn hair.  “You ever done anything you regretted…?”

“I didn’t shoot my brother when I had the chance,” Laera shrugged.  “I had the prick in my sights once and didn’t pull the trigger…”

“You mustn’t say that about your family, Jen,” the girl chided.

“That fucker’s not family,” the older woman grimaced.  “He’s an asshole sucking Imperial dick for money.”

She mussed Kimber’s shoulder-length hair, where she was growing the pink out.

“You’re family, Kimmy. Not that prick.”

"You shouldn’t carry that around with you, Jen,” Kimber purred.  “It’s not good for you…”

“He can live,” Laera shrugged.  “I won’t hunt him down.  But if someone else puts a bullet in him, I owe them a whiskey.”

“The real stuff or a cheap knockoff?” Kimber laughed.  

Laera kissed the top of her head.   

“Both, maybe. Anyway, what about you?”

“What about me… what?” Kimmy blinked, woozily.

“Ever done anything you regretted…?”

“Um…!” Kimber flushed with the memory.  “Er… no. Not ‘regretted’ exactly.  There was… that time I was much younger… When I’d just left home.  One of my boyfriends introduced me to spice.  We got very high with his dealer friend, and… well, we all kind of ended up in bed together…!” She giggled awkwardly.  “I don’t regret it though. Not really, But it’s a once-only thing, you know? I’m not really like that.  I want something more than sex. I want love. I want you.”

“So marry me,” Laera smirked.  “If you like it, put a ring on it…!”

Giggling softly, Kimber took the discarded plastic ring beneath the whiskey cap and slid it on her finger.

“We don’t need a ceremony to say we’re together,” she husked gently.  “You might be old enough to be my mom, but you drink and smoke like I do. We’re soul-mates. I’ve never felt like this before…”

She smiled at the gesture, meshing her hand in her lover’s.  “Lady Jena Skylow-Cross,” she smiled.  “I like the sound of that…! Now you’re my bitch…!”

“Cross-Skylow,” Laera pouted.  “And you don’t get to be a lady if you marry into the aristocracy.”

“Aww. No fun, Jen. But okay.. as long as we can adopt K-9 so he’s not born out of wedlock….!”

She looked across the sands where the robotic dog chased tumbleweeds and crabs. 

Laera lowered her mouth on Kimber’s.

“Now I want a divorce,” she murmured.

Lena Missa Assumes The Position

“She's a hero in her hometown

When she walks in a room, she draws a crowd

Celebrating, decorating

With medals and pins from the war she was in

Served just like her father and two generations before him

Made the choice and served her country proud

She's a hero in her hometown…”


Ayla Brown, ‘Hero in Her Hometown’

Commission by :icondeilan12:  And yeah, I said we’d have less fanservice NSFW stuff, but there’s still a few in the pipeline.  Ramiro prefers to draw human characters, and while he was okay doing some of the more human-like aliens, some of the more offbeat ones were outside what he wanted to draw (which is fine). 

But here’s Lena Missa the Chagrian combat medic, in the classic ‘AoR’ position, showing her nice new combat boots and, um, a few other things...   She doesn’t seem too happy with the military ‘hazing’ unfortunately.

‘Hey, I have medals and things! Is this really necessary…!’  

She’s a new character, full story is here: Age of Rebellion: Lena Missa

Through Good Times And Bad

"Through these fields of destruction...

Baptisms of fire...

I've witnessed your suffering

As the battles raged higher...

And though it did hurt me so bad

In the fear and the alarm...

You did not desert me, my brothers in arms..."

Dire Straits, 'Brothers in Arms'

Beautiful artwork from :iconharpyqueen:  It was worth the wait.  Aleyna and Tallisibeth, an enduring relationship through good times and bad, maybe the purest thing in our game. 

Amberly wanted to move away from the NSFW stuff, which I totally respect.  But she is skilled as ever in drawing the little details, in her ability to tell a story without words.  A big thanks to her for all the hard work that she's done for me over the years.

The concept was flat-out inspired by this one, which has long been one of my favourites: Best Friends Forever

I think we too will move towards less fan-service next year, assuming we manage to keep it going.  Not sure what this one says, really. That some days life is sweethearts and balloons and melting toffee-apples, and other days you're bleeding from the eyeballs in the smog of a battlefield? Anyway, the characters are Aleyna and Tallisibeth. I like the details on this one. It's nice that sometimes Aley has to lean on Llis instead of the other way around. Nice detailing on her Theed Arms Security S-5 too. 

I should talk to the players and write something for this, but I'm going to let all the dramas die down for a bit. Besides, Mark Knopfler's lyrics are more eloquent than anything I could come up with. This one should speak for itself, allow everyone who sees it imagine what they are thinking or saying.

Funny that this one, a tribute to friendship, should come along now. I know I've not been around much to say anything.  My desktop is on life-support somewhere and my laptop wishes it was. I have a stinking cold and my gaming group is having one of its bizarre periodic dramas.  Just when I thought 2016 couldn't possibly get any worse... it does.  It's been a horrible year and I wish it was over.

Not sure what 2017 will bring. Probably a lot less from me. It's sad when anything comes to an end, but nothing lasts forever - not relationships, gaming groups, artist collaborations.  People change and people move on. Maybe at some point I'll see the good in it.

There are a few more commissions trickling through. I will probably hang around to put these up.  I did think of taking the galleries down, but I see no harm in keeping them up, even if I'm not around. It's a nice body of work, both my stuff and the commissions, I think.

'Til then,


I don't really know what to say?  Too young, too soon.

I was 13 in 1983 when I saw 'Return of the Jedi' and I realised I could feel for women the way I felt about guys.

That smile, that look, is forever now:

I guess there's very few people in this world who absolutely define the fantasies of a generation.  Hedy Lamarr and Bettie Page did for their time.  For my generation, Carrie did.

So thanks for that, Carrie, and everything else.

Rest in peace.

What a horrible year. :(


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53 deviants said Jena 'Laera' Cross (Edge of the Empire)
47 deviants said Kaiya Adannon (Force & Destiny)
42 deviants said Aika Ulnar (Age of Rebellion)


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